Options & Programs

BSK offers multiple ways to pursue theological education, helping you learn and grow in your area of ministry.


Our Master of Divinity degree is a 75-hour professional graduate degree–with optional concentrations in Black Church Studies, Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, or Rural Ministry.

BSK alumni with a Master of Divinity degree have utilized their degrees in a variety of creative ways. From vocational ministry within a church to non-profit leadership, chaplaincy, and more, a Master of Divinity degree is a versatile and flexible degree.


Looking to learn more about Pastoral Care in order to enhance your skills as a minister, lay leader, deacon, or member of a community? Our Pastoral Care certificate allows students to earn credentials in Pastoral Care through a short, three course certificate. If you start with this certificate and decide to pursue a Master of Divinity degree, completed courses may be stacked and used toward credits required for the Master of Divinity degree.


Baptist Seminary of Kentucky appreciates the value of in-place, rural ministry. Students have the option of completing a three course Rural Ministry Certificate, training them in the work of rural ministry and allowing them to earn a certificate in this field when a full Master of Divinity may not be feasible. Credits earned with this certificate may also be stacked toward a Master of Divinity degree. Intensive (travel required) experiences are part of the requirements for this certificate.


Would you like to learn and pursue theological education without all the tests and papers? If you donโ€™t need a seminary degree but want to benefit from the classroom experience, audit a class at BSK! The application, cost, and demands of the classes are significantly less for auditors.


BSK offers two certificates that focus on general ministry training. The Exploring Ministry Certificates offer a variety of foundational and more advanced courses from our Master of Divinity curriculum. These courses encourage theological reflection on lived practices of ministry, for ordained ministers and lay leaders alike.


Our program offers graduate courses for local pastors and lay leaders, leading to a certificate in Black Church Studies. The Black Church Studies Certificate Program requires the successful completion of three courses. After the successful completion of nine credit hours of coursework, students will receive a Certificate in Black Church Studies from the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.



If you live in the Central Kentucky area or are able to travel, you are able to take classes with us in person in two very distinct locations.

Our site on the campus of Georgetown College offers a small-town, intimate experience, while our site on the campus of Simmons College of Kentucky (HBCU) offers a diverse setting, located in West Louisville, Kentucky.

In Place (Zoom)

Would you like to take classes from where you are in your own context?

BSK offers in place learning using Zoom technology. Students are able to join class from where they are using their own technology. This allows flexibility in where students live while taking classes, but still provides a relational experience with live video and full participation.