Master of Arts in Ministry Studies​

BSK’s Master of Arts Degree

The Master of Arts in Ministry Studies degree is designed for students to engage in theological reflection and study in a self-selected area of Christian ministry or theological studies.

Ministry Studies at BSK embraces preparation for ministry wherever God leads, in both the church and the world. This degree program, completed online through live Zoom sessions, is designed for people who want to grow in their calling while remaining in their full-time ministry or professional positions.

This program will officially begin in the Fall 2024 semester.

What can you do with this degree?

  • Work in a non-profit or church ministry
  • Develop expertise to enrich your vocation
  • Understand aspects of your faith more deeply

This degree provides students with opportunities to explore an area of expertise in order to build foundational knowledge and pursue innovative research.

If you are a student who wants to enhance your skills in a current ministry or lay vocation, who wants to grow into a new specialty area, or who wants to understand aspects of your faith more deeply, this degree may be right for you.

Possible Specializations

We encourage students to have a specialization in mind when they apply for the program. Students may select from traditional fields of study or choose an area that is interdisciplinary.

Students will declare their specialization after twelve hours of course work. This gives you time to explore and confirm the direction you’d like to go.

Possible Interdisciplinary Specializations

Students are not required to choose from this list and can propose their own.

  • Black Church Studies
  • Pastoral Care of the Congregation
  • Rural Ministry and Community Leadership
  • Social Ministry in the Past and Present
  • Preaching and Teaching in Congregational Ministry
  • Theology of Worship, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper
  • Community, Communion, and Ecology
  • Scriptural Interpretation and Imagination

Course Sequence

The Master of Arts in Ministry Studies is 36 hours, or twelve courses.

Nine hours (3 courses) are required, and twenty-seven hours (9 courses) are electives that students can use to focus on their learning interests.

The M.A. Director and a faculty advisor will help guide students through the process of designing their degree. Most students can complete the degree in three years.

Year 1

1-12 Hours

Semester 1

Introduction to Theological Education (3)

Elective (3)

Semester 2

Elective (3)

Elective (3)

Declare Your Specialization

Year 2

13-24 Hours

Semester 3

Elective (3)

Elective (3)

Semester 4

Elective (3)

Elective (3)

Build Your Portfolio

Year 3

25-36 Hours

Semester 5

Capstone 1 (3)

Elective (3)

Semester 6

Capstone 2 (3)

Elective (3)

Complete Your Project

Possible Elective Courses

Course offerings at BSK change each semester. Below is a sample list of recent or routinely offered courses:

  • Christianity and Culture
  • Trauma, Theology, and Pastoral Practice
  • Rural Places
  • Social Justice in the Free Church Tradition
  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Pastoral Care: Death, Dying, and Grief
  • Pastoral Care with Children, Adolescents and Families
  • World Religions
  • World Christianity and Justice
  • Early Christian Practices
  • History of Christianity
  • Liturgy and Social Ethics
  • Introduction to Black Church Studies
  • Communication for Church and World
  • Black and Womanist Theology
  • Foundations in Christian Mission
  • Preaching
  • Advanced Worship Seminar

In the first semester, students will take the first required course (Introduction to Theological Education for MAMS students) to gain skills for self-directed specialization and research.

Students can build their specialization out of their elective choices every semester. From those electives, MA students will build a portfolio with four (4) assignments related to their specialization.

In the last year of the MA program, students will take a required six-hour Capstone course sequence that spans the fall and spring semesters. In the fall, students will design a Capstone or thesis project proposal in their specialty to be completed by the end of the spring semester. A faculty advisor will help guide the student through the process of completing the project.

The Master of Arts in Ministry Studies is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).