Resources: When You Gather Together

When You Gather Together

WHEN YOU GATHER TOGETHER is a robust curriculum that is ready to be used by churches in a variety of ways. “When You Gather Together” includes introductory essays to the five worship topics (gathering, confessing, interceding, proclaiming, and sending) followed by lessons for adults, youth, children, and preschool-kindergarten on each theme. We have also included recommendations for teaching students with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Delays)

We invite pastors and congregational leaders to download the material, look it over, and if you like it, use it within your church. We invite laypersons to download the material, look it over, and encourage your pastor and other leaders to consider using it.  If you have questions about the material or would like someone to talk about it with you, do not hesitate to contact Rev. Bob Fox or Dr. John Essick.

Special thanks are due Dr. John Inscore Essick who was the BSK point person on the project and went above and beyond in his work as editor.