At BSK Theological Seminary,

A seminary education is AFFORDABLE.

Pay $325/credit hour

For credit towards the Master of Divinity degree or the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies

Pay $225/credit hour

For credit towards one of our two BSK certificates

Pay $125/credit hour

To audit a course

Students graduate from BSK with little to no debt because of our block scheduling and scholarship resources, allowing them to work full-time and also attend classes. Surveys show that 75% of graduating students have no additional debt from their time with BSK.

BSK also offers an in-place learning option, allowing students to stay where they need to be for work, their families, or any other life circumstances and take classes from where they are planted.

BSK has strong scholarship resources, meaning that the majority of our Master of Divinity degree students receive financial aid from BSK.

If you have questions about how to pay for your seminary education, contact Dr. Mark Thomas, at or 859-788-3065.