Lifelong learning for theological education

It used to be that to pursue theological education meant going away to seminary for 3 years to study and earn a degree. Most students planned to be in full-time paid ministry positions after graduation.

Today, most students are already in some form of ministry, leadership or service when they seek to pursue theological education. Most work full-time, and take classes part-time, with families to support.

Ministry also looks different in many places.

Ministers may be volunteers (unpaid), part-time, bi-vocational, or full-time. They may carry a ministerial title, or simply live as “one who ministers.”

BSK created the WayPost program as a way of offering theological education to all these varied expressions of ministry across a lifetime.

 Waypost allows you to make choices about how your theological education journey is shaped, and when you wish to pursue it.


As such, we offer a path for persons who

  • wish to grow and learn but do not need to seek a graduate degree.
  • wish to learn and may later seek a graduate degree.
  • want to pursue a graduate degree.
  • have a graduate degree but want to continue learning.

We Offer:


Flourish Courses

Short-term, highly practical courses, offered online. These do not carry graduate credit.

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BSK Certificates

9 hours of graduate-level coursework around a theme. Our certificates include Black Church Studies, Exploring Ministry I or II, Pastoral Care, and Rural Ministry. The certificates offer graduate credit that may be rolled into a graduate degree program. BSK certificates may be continuing education for those who have already earned a graduate degree, or a starting place for those considering an M.Div..

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Master of Arts in Ministry Studies

This 36 hour degree offers a flexible, choose-your-specialty graduate degree for congregational and non-profit leaders.

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Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

This 75 hour degree is a professional graduate degree for congregational and non-profit leaders.

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Your Path Through Theological Education

This graphic shows these options, as well as how they might be accessed ahead of a degree, seeking a degree, instead of a degree, or continuing after receiving a degree.

So whether you are a Sunday school teacher, a deacon, a volunteer or part-time minister, or seek full-time ministry, BSK offers a path for you to grow and learn.

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