Rural Ministry Certificate

BSK’s Certificate in Rural Ministry provides opportunities to develop a deeper imagination for rural life and ministry.

Students working toward a Rural Ministry Certificate will experience the joys, challenges, and complexities of rural landscapes. Coursework involves studying with and under those who live and work in rural places. Students in the certificate program engage these opportunities through a combination of online coursework and in-place learning in Henry County, KY.

Intensive learning will take place in consultation with Henry County residents, pastors, and The Berry Center

The certificate requires 9 hours graduate credit that may be rolled into a graduate degree program. BSK certificates may be continuing education for those who have already earned a graduate degree, or a starting place for those considering an M.Div.

Rural Ministry Certificate Courses

(enrolling in one course is not an agreement to take all three)

$600 per course

Rural Places

An interdisciplinary introduction to rural places, with special attention to agrarianism, economy, and land use. Students will consider rural places from biblical, historical, and theological perspectives.

A Year in the Life of a Rural Minister

Students will examine the daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms of life and ministry in rural places and among rural
people. The course will give special attention to pastoral leadership, pastoral care, community involvement, and
place of residence.

Rural Ministry Capstone

An opportunity for Rural Ministry Certificate students to integrate and reflect on their learning and preparation for
rural ministry. Students will put together a Rural Ministry Portfolio, develop a Rural Ministry Sustainability Plan,
and complete a project demonstrating an understanding of the joys, challenges, and complexities of ministry in a
rural place.