Pastoral Care Certificate

Pastoral Care Certificate

Students working toward a certificate in Pastoral Care will integrate knowledge and experience from both courses and experience in order to develop deeper skills in caring for persons who are in crisis and are suffering. The certificate is a great strategy to improve one’s care and counseling as a congregational pastor and other congregational leaders. It will also prepare persons to serve in chaplaincy settings (whether paid or volunteer) where a degree and professional certification as a chaplain is not required, such as law enforcement, fire departments, some prisons, and extended care facilities.

The certificate requires 9 hours of graduate credit that may be rolled into a graduate degree program. BSK certificates may be continuing education for those who have already earned a graduate degree, or a starting place for those considering a M.Div.

Pastoral Care Certificate Courses

(enrolling in one course is not an agreement to take all three)

$675 per course

Required, if not previously completed:

  • Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

2 Electives in Pastoral Care and Counseling

  • Introduction to Chaplain Ministries
  • Psychology and Theology of Family: Theory and Techniques
  • Pastoral Care with Children, Adolescents, and Families
  • Applied Professional Ethics
  • Psychology of Religious Experience
  • Pastoral Care: Death, Dying, and Grief
  • Advanced Spiritual Care and Counseling