Flexible Theological Education for Virginia

Study Where You Work

Pursue your theological education from where you live and work.

BSK’s approach to distance education is warmly relational and academically challenging. In live Zoom sessions you will interact with professors and fellow students. For each course our online system supports learning beyond the classroom. BSK also offers full access to the Digital Theological Library, allowing serious research from anywhere you have a connection. Classes meet just once per week, making scheduling easier for busy lives. Contextual ministry is also a part of the M.Div. program, providing supervised ministry experience.

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Belong to a community

BSK is a learning community centered in spiritual formation.

Building relationships with faculty, staff and fellow students is vital to our approach to theological education. Our partnerships provide a rich and diverse community in which to learn. We are the official seminary of the National Baptist Convention of America, predominately Black 3.5-million-member denomination. BSK, founded in 2002, has been affiliated with CBF since its birth. These partnerships provide significant networking opportunities for students and alumni.

Chapel and Prayer Services

Meaningful Emphases 

Choose your pace

You control the pace of your education. Take one course per semester or a full load.

Enroll for 3 courses one semester and 2 another — the choice is yours. BSK’s Master of Divinity program requires a total of 75 hours, or choose a 9 hour certificate to get started or as continuing education.

BSK offers classes all day Monday, and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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Get the Faithful Curiosity Bible Study

This resource is the result of a collaboration between CBF VA and BSK. It is free for congregational use — check it out today!

Find your place at BSK.

Pursuing your theological education at BSK provides the opportunity to learn within the context of a unique environment.

BSK cares about racial justice, women in ministry, pastoral care, and rural ministry. These areas of emphasis are woven into our curriculum and highlighted in the work we do as a seminary!

Virginia Leadership

BSK and CBF VA are working together to shape this educational offering for the needs of Virginia students and congregations. 


Advisory Council

A six-person advisory council includes three persons from CBF VA and three from BSK. Together, this team ensures the programs of this collaboration are relevant and effective for Virigina’s needs.

Virginia Theological Fund

This fund is established through CBF VA, and will be used to fund scholarships and programs related to providing theological education in Virginia. Watch this space for information on how you can contribute to this important work.


BSK has a tradition of students finishing seminary with little to no seminary-related debt. Gifts to the Virginia Theological Fund will help keep seminary affordable for students.

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Why BSK?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to move?

No, you do not have to move! BSK makes it possible to pursue your degree or certificate online from your home or office. Using Zoom video conferencing technology, the professor and students can hear and see one another, as well as any slides or content the professor chooses to share. The sessions are live, so you will be part of the conversation as if you were sitting in the classroom.

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What financial aid options are available?

The Virginia Fund for Theological Education is currently being established and will be available for BSK VA students. BSK students already enjoy lower tuition costs than many other schools, along with a work-friendly approach,  leading to 75% graduating with NO seminary debt. Learn more.

Why is it important to be a part of BSK VA?

For students connected to CBF VA, this program will provide networking and mentoring opportunities with CBF ministers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

How is BSK seeking racial justice?

Racial justice, particularly for Black Americans, is a key focus of the BSK community. Our partnerships with Simmons College of Kentucky (HBCU) and the National Baptist Convention of American, Inc. International are key in our work. Their leadership helps guide the shape of our programs and enriches our curricular planning.

Our M.Div. curriculum was revisioned in 2020 to infuse our courses with Black voices. From history and theology to mission and biblical studies, Black church voices and content are key. We also require all M.Div. students to take a course in Black Church and Womanist Theology.

Most important, the diversity of our student body means students learn from one another, and shape networks and support that can last a lifetime. 

BSK is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.

Recently, ATS renewed BSK’s accreditation for a full 10 years. This includes approval to offer Comprehensive Distance Education.

BSK is also proud to be the official seminary of the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. and to be a partner of Simmons College of Kentucky, Georgetown College, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global.

Learn more about our partnerships here.

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