“Why You Can’t Go Back to Normal After Pandemic,” Oliver writes for Good Faith Media

Ron is System Vice-President, Mission & Outreach for Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ron Oliver, a member of BSK’s Board of Trustees, has recently written an article for Good Faith Media entitled, “Why You Can’t Go Back to Normal After Pandemic.” Ron writes,

“When we do cross the finish line, what then?


One of the oft spoken hopes has been “getting back to normal.” While understandable, this is not a good idea.


We can’t get back to normal because we’ve been changed by everything that has happened in the last 12 months.


Neither you nor I are the same as we were a year ago. It might be easiest to just say, “Everything and everybody are different.”


Bad news and good news: Life doesn’t come with a “control-alt-delete” restart command.”

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