Sunday’s BSK Preachers

Sunday’s BSK Preachers

Jordan Conley previously guest preaching at Central Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

This Sunday, two from the BSK Community will be guest preachers in pulpits in Central KY!

Jordan Conley, a student at BSK, will be the guest preacher at Okolona Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. Jordan is a regular member of Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, but often guest preaches around the state. Jordan has been a student at BSK since Fall 2018.

Dr. Laura Levens, BSK’s Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, will be guest preaching at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday. Dr. Levens, a regular member of Central Baptist Church in Lexington, KY, has been a member of BSK’s faculty since 2014.

If you are in either of these areas, please join these fabulous BSK preachers for a special time of worship!