Remembering Becky Colliver

Remembering Becky Colliver

Becky Colliver

Rebecca “Becky” Ruth Montgomery Colliver left a huge impact on the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Becky, whose son Jeremy Colliver graduated from BSK in 2008, served BSK through her gift of hospitality. By providing delicious meals, Becky aided in forming the community that is still evident at BSK today. The Colliver family also established a scholarship in Becky’s name which has and will continue to provide BSK students the opportunity to study and complete their degree with tuition assistance, relieving the stress that finances often bring. Becky passed away on November 27, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. Her legacy, however, continues to live on through the impact she made at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Read below as many from the BSK community express what Becky meant to them:

“I am thankful to have known and worked with Mrs. Becky Colliver. As I ventured through my first year with BSK, Becky made herself present and helpful where I otherwise would have had chaos. She worked with joy, sincerity and purpose. At one point, when she called to volunteer for another task, I asked, ‘Are you sure? You’ve done so much for me already.’ Becky simply responded, ‘I love to help. It’s what I do. Now, tell me what you need.’ Her giving spirit continues to encourage me.”
-Jessalynn Cornett, BSK Registrar and Academic Coordinator 


“Hospitality was Becky’s special gift. I don’t mean the kind of hospitality that shows off for pride’s sake. Becky welcomed the stranger, greeted the guest, invited folks to join her in her endeavors and she especially loved to provide good meals. Her hospitality was evident around BSK often but on a particular occasion, we found ourselves needing a meal for faculty, staff, students, prospective students and families and the event came together very quickly. As it happened, the weekend was also going to be busy in Georgetown, KY and no one would take on such an event with only days to plan…but nothing deterred Becky! Monday morning she was there bright and early, unloading her car with a big smile on her face when I drove up. She had prepared homemade barbeque sliders with all the “fixin’s,” she said. Everything, even the table cloths, were taken care of by Becky. She smiled all day and when I asked her if she was worn out later she said, ‘Oh, no! I love to do this! And I especially love BSK!'”
-Sara Herrington Jones, BSK student


“Becky taught me so much about strength, perseverance and love. From the moment I met her at Central Baptist Church, to the last time I saw her, she was still teaching me and loving me. It was an honor to receive the scholarship that bears her name. Living with an illness is something that can be a struggle. Becky’s legacy honors women like her who showed such fortitude and grace in her own battle. Thank you, Becky, for showing us all what it means to fiercely love and live a life of service and gratitude. You will be deeply missed.”
-Rev. Crystal Shepherd, BSK class of 2016


“When I think of Becky, I think of unconditional welcome and love. She and her husband welcomed my family into Central Baptist Church. Every Sunday morning (when she wasn’t in Florida), I could count on seeing her smiling face as she greeted everyone coming into church. She would ask about my family and of course, things at BSK. She had such a big heart for everyone. I am so grateful for her presence, her care and her compassion.”
-Dr. Laura R. Levens, BSK professor


“Quietly and confidently, Becky cared for the seminary–students, staff, faculty and friends. She was like a Godmother to us. Whether preparing a meal for a presidential candidate’s introduction to the seminary community or organizing a reception at a seminary event, she ministered to us with a huge heart. She embodied in her service, witness and friendship what we hope our students learn through their seminary studies—and I hope students were paying attention and watching her.”
-Dr. Mark Medley, BSK professor


“Becky was one of the first persons I met upon arriving at BSK. Her warmth toward our community and her passion for the mission of the school were apparent. The entire Colliver family has been and continues to be central to our community. Becky’s legacy lives on in the ministry of BSK.”
-Dr. David Cassady, BSK president

If you would like to contribute to the Rebecca Ruth Montgomery Colliver Scholarship Fund, you may send gifts to Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, 400 East College Street, Box #358, Georgetown, KY, 40324.