Recent articles by Cassady and Levens picked up by Washington Post and USA Today

Dr. Laura R. Levens

Last week, BSK’s Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, Dr. Laura Levens, and BSK President, Dr. David Cassady, co-wrote an article entitled, “Should women be pastors? It’s a test Southern Baptists face, and Al Mohler is failing” for Louisville, KY’s Courier-Journal. The article was picked up by USA Today.

Soon after, Dr. Levens wrote an article entitled, “The debate over women pastors is a Southern Baptist smoke screen” for Religion News Service that was later picked up by The Washington Post. 

These articles were in response to a statement Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, made about women as pastors. BSK’s student body is majority female, and women in ministry is an area of emphasis. Click here to learn more about BSK’s areas of emphasis.