New Flourish workshop series provides introduction to the Bible

New Flourish workshop series provides introduction to the Bible

BSK’s Flourish Center is offering a new workshop series beginning Oct 19, titled “Introduction to the Bible.” Registration is now open for this course.

Introduction to the Bible is great for Bible study leaders or anyone who wants to deepen their skill with the scriptures. The series is designed to introduce you to the Bible, its origins, its basic structure and message, and how you might use it to better inform your faith. As the scriptures are studied together over the six weeks of the course, you will also be invited to a personalized Bible study project that can deepen your relationship with the scriptures and perhaps teach you something about yourself.

Any Bible study is bound to raise uncomfortable challenges, and this one may be no different. We understand that the Bible is unique because it is more than a book to be read, but also a book that reads us. Our stories can be found in its pages, and God is waiting to walk with us on this journey.

This 6 week series provides a broad introduction to the Bible. As a non-credit course, there are no tests or grades, just a course project and some readings. Each session includes a pre-recorded video providing a wealth of content, and a live Zoom session for discussion and questions.

Topics include:
1 – Where did the Bible Come From?
2 – The Old Testament
3 – Old Testament 2
4 – The Gospels
5 – New Testament Letters
6 – Questions about the Bible

The series is led by Dr. Dalen Jackson, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies at BSK, and Rev. Roger Jasper, Pastor of Living Faith Baptist Fellowship in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Dr. Jackson provides pre-session lecture videos, and Rev. Jasper facilitates the live Zoom discussion sessions.

Space is limited. Register today.