NBCA leader urges seminarians to examine attitudes about wealth

NBCA leader urges seminarians to examine attitudes about wealth

If you want to check the spiritual condition of your heart, examine your attitudes about wealth, Dr. Samuel Tolbert told a virtual chapel gathering at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.

In his March 2 sermon, Tolbert, president of the National Baptist Convention of America, International, said Jesus emphasized the heart receives direction from the “location of your treasure.”

Addressing Jesus teachings on wealth in Matthew 6, he reminded attendees Jesus instructed his followers to “store up treasures in heaven,” which are eternal. Jesus, he said, warned not to focus on material gains, which are temporary.

“We can stash treasures in heaven by winning the lost to Christ,” Tolbert said. “We can hide away treasures in heaven by loving our neighbors as ourselves. We can store up treasures in heaven by not passing up the foreigner on the road that leads from Jerusalem to Jericho.

“And in all our communities we have some situations without roads that lead from Jerusalem to Jericho. And there are some people who have been left half dead. If you want to store up treasures in heaven, stop by and help those people”

Beyond lending aid in local communities, Tolbert stressed that helping impoverished people around the world and engaging in ministry studies are ways to store up treasures in heaven. He urged seminarians to “store up treasures by giving back to theological institutions” after graduation.

Under Tolbert’s leadership, the NBCA in 2020 made BSK its official seminary.  In addition to his denominational leadership role, Tolbert is pastor of Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.