Medley Writes for Review and Expositor

Dr. Medley has been a part of the faculty at BSK since 2007.

Dr. Mark Medley, Professor of Theology at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, had an article published in Review and Expositor. The article was entitled, “Subversive song: Imagining Colossians 1:15–20 as a social protest hymn in the context of Roman empire.” Read the abstract for this article below:

“A connection exists between the Christological hymn of praise and protest in Col 1:15–20 and popular protest music. The connection is the lyrical ability to transform political and socio-cultural realities, as well as to empower and mobilize protest and resistance against imperial power and coercive structures of domination. A special focus is on Billie Holiday’s song, “Strange Fruit,” a contemporary model of a protest song in comparison to Col 1:15–20. In the comparison, the Colossians hymn draws upon the political ideology and imagery of the Roman Empire in the form of a counter-discourse, as was Jewish resistance poetry, in ways analogous to how Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” evokes the imagery of white racial terror for the sake of raising political consciousness.”