Levens responds to Southern Baptist issues

Dr. Laura Levens is assistant professor of Christian Mission at BSK.

Laura Levens was interviewed by Rev. Dr. Brian Kaylor, president and editor-in-chief of Word & Way. On this episode of the podcast, “Dangerous Dogma,” entitled, “Laura Levens on Issues Roiling Southern Baptists” Brian asks Dr. Levens what it’s like to embody a kind of Baptist faith and teaching that is drastically different and counter to the authoritarian and biblicist doctrine promoted by Southern Baptist Convention leadership. The conversation covers all the big topics: BSK’s vision for theological education in Kentucky, the history of William Simmons and Simmons College, critical race theory and intersectionality, interpreting the Bible, culture wars versus cultural awareness, the SBC crises of abuse, racism, and authority, and more. At the end, Dr. Levens gets a chance to explain why she stayed in the church and became a professor. Listen to this interesting episode here.