New Post in “Call Her Pastor” Series

New Post in “Call Her Pastor” Series

In this article, Rev. McDuffie gives suggestions on how to find peer groups and continuing education opportunities designated for clergywomen.

Rev. Lauren McDuffie, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Morehead, KY, and Dr. Laura Levens, BSK’s Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, are writing a blog series on the Baptist Women in Ministry website entitled, “Call Her Pastor.” This blog series is meant to equip and empower churches to support women in ministry. Previous posts in this series can be read HERE. The most recent post in this series was written by Rev. McDuffie, and it is entitled, “Call Her Pastor: Why Women Support One Another.” Rev. McDuffie writes,

“Ministry is isolating enough without being a figure whose literal existence represents a justice issue in the church. One of the most important ways to navigate that world is to find community with others who understand that experience.


When we are connected to colleagues and peers, we have people to help us process the microaggressions that we might come up against. We have someone to assure us that we are not imagining things, to share their experiences with similar behaviors, and to help us think through our responses.”

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