John Inscore Essick Writes for Henry County Local

Dr. Inscore Essick also serves as co-pastor of Port Royal Baptist Church.

BSK Associate Professor of Church History, Dr. John Inscore Essick, is a regular column writer for the Henry County Local. Recently, Dr. Inscore Essick has been writing on addiction, as he has researched and interviewed individuals in an effort to bring light to the harrowing topic. In his two recent articles, Dr. Inscore Essick has addressed two important topics associated with addiction and substance abuse.

In March, Dr. Inscore Essick addressed chronic and acute pain, writing about the impact these issues have on those who struggle with addiction and substance abuse. To read this article, click here.

In April, Dr. Inscore Essick addressed health insurance and how it relates to addiction and substance abuse. He spoke of his own health insurance and the information he received about his benefits and how he could access professional help in the event that someone in his own household was dealing with addiction. To read this article, click here.