Dr. Wade Rowatt Participates in West Louisville Forum

Dr. Wade Rowatt Participates in West Louisville Forum

On Wednesday, April 3, Empower West Louisville, a group of Louisville pastors and churches who are working together to highlight justice issues relating to the West End of Louisville, KY, hosted a West Louisville Forum. Empower West hosts monthly forums and this month’s topic was, “Crimes Against Humanity: Report on Slavery and Racism in the History of Southern Baptist Seminary. Now that you admit it, what will you do about it?”

To view this forum, click here.

Dr. Wade Rowatt, BSK’s Senior Professor of Pastoral Care, was a part of this forum along with Judge Wendell Griffin, Judge to Arkansas’ Sixth District Court for Pulaski County, and Rev. Jason Crosby, Pastor of Crescent Hill Baptist Church.

The forum discussed several topics, including how destructive theology can both promote and perpetuate white privilege and justify devaluing attitudes and behaviors toward those who are different. Seminaries play a critical role both in encouraging healthy theologies that recognize the equality and value of all persons, as well as forming ministers who will lead, teach and preach these biblical values in congregations where they serve.

The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky offers a full M.Div. degree at our Simmons College campus. BSK president David Cassady commented, “BSK is learning about blind spots and biases that can exist in theological education and is working to better include and highlight voices from black leaders and theologians. Being at Simmons College is transforming who we are and how ministers are formed.”¬†Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is thankful to have been invited on to the campus of Simmons College of Kentucky and is excited to be a part of the community in West Louisville.

Interested in pursuing a degree or auditing courses at BSK’s Simmons campus in Louisville? Contact Abby Sizemore.