Curriculum Design for the Master of Divinity Degree

Master of Divinity Curriculum Design

The Master of Divinity requires ninety (90) hours with seventy-two (72) hours of required classes and eighteen (18) elected hours.  The curriculum is designed to address five core divisions of the program as outlined below:

The Witness of the Christian Call, 12 Hours
Spiritual Formation, SPF 501 & 502, 4 Hours
Contextual Ministry, CTM 601 & 602, 6 Hours
The Benediction, BEN 701, 2 Hours

The Witness of the Scriptures, 18 Hours
Introduction to the Bible, BIB 501, 3 Hours
Introduction to Old Testament, OTS 501, 3 Hours
Introduction to New Testament, NTS 501, 3 Hours
Biblical Hermeneutics, BIB 503, 3 Hours
Electives (6 hours required), 6 Hours

The Witness of the Church, 18 Hours
Church History, CHH 501 & 502, 6 Hours
Baptist Heritage, CHH 505, 3 Hours
Theology, THE 601 & 603, 6 Hours
Ethics, ETH 501, 3 Hours
The Witness of Ministry, 18 Hours
Preaching, PRC 601, 3 Hours
Worship, WOR 601, 3 Hours
Introduction to Pastoral Care, PAC 601, 3 Hours
The Missional Life of the Church, MIS 501 & 502, 6 Hours
Leadership in the Church, CHS 601, 3 Hours

Witness in the World, 6 Hours
Christianity and Culture, CUL 603, 3 Hours
World Religions, WRL 607, 3 Hours

Core Requirement 72 Hours
Electives 18 Hours
Total 90 hours


Pastoral Care and Counseling Concentration

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky has designed a program that will provide training in pastoral care and counseling within the context of Master of Divinity studies.  This emphasis will enable students to take strong steps toward licensure or certification.  This program is offered under the direction of Dr. Wade Rowatt, Professor of Pastoral Care, and Dr. Rick Landon, Adjunct Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Care.

Course Design
Core curriculum, 66 Hours*
Pastoral Care and Counseling, 18 Hours
Electives, 6 Hours**

Required, 9 Hours
Introduction to Pastoral Counseling, PAC 600, 3 Hours
Clinical Pastoral Education, CPE 615, 6 Hours

Electives, 9 Hours   
Psychology and Theology of the Family, PAC 603, 3 Hours
Pastoral Care with Small Groups, PAC 605, 3 Hours
Pastoral Care with Children/Adolescents/and Families, PAC 607, 3 Hours
Psychology of Religious Experience, PAC 611, 3 Hours
Pastoral Care:  Death, Dying and Grief, PAC 613, 3 Hours
Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy, PAC 615, 3 Hours
Personality Theory and Abnormal Behavior, PAC 617, 3 Hours
Plus other PCC courses as offered

*PAC 601 Introduction to Pastoral Care: Theory and Practice is part of the Core Curriculum and is a prerequisite for all PAC courses.
**Two electives (6) from any area except PCC may be substituted in place of the two required electives in the Witness of the Scriptures core area.