BSK Alumni Start Theology Reading Group

Several Baptist Seminary of Kentucky alumni have started a theology reading group with Dr. Mark Medley, BSK’s Professor of Theology. The idea for this group came from Dr. Medley and Rev. Brittany Stillwell, BSK class of 2013. In describing the inspiration for this group, Brittany says,

“The idea for a theology reading group came out of a conversation I have occasionally with Dr. Medley. I will jokingly ask him to assign me a book and a paper so that I will make time for academic reading and writing. One day he called me on it and I am so glad! When I mentioned his idea of an alumni reading group to a few peers it was met with great enthusiasm. I wasn’t the only one who needed this kind of outlet. Congregational ministry can be isolating at times and I am grateful for a safe space to have deep, meaningful dialogue with the people who were such a formative part of my theological education.”

The group is currently meeting every two weeks. They read several chapters for each session and everyone is encouraged to bring questions, insights, and reflections. Currently, the group is reading Andrew Root, Faith Formation in a Secular Age:  Responding to the ChurchObsession with Youthfullness (Baker Academic, 2017). Using BSK’s new Zoom technology, the group was able to meet remotely and still see each other to interact. 

If you are a BSK alumni and would like to join this group, contact Brittany Stillwell or Dr. Medley.