Brogdon Featured on “Great Bible Teachers”

Dr. Lewis Brogdon, Visiting Professor of Preaching and Black Church Studies at BSK, was featured by Rick Jordan, creator of Great Bible Teachers, on his blog. The post, entitled, “Why Aren’t We Uncomfortable with Jesus?” encourages the reader to think about why Jesus was killed, and to explore further what this might have meant. This blog post came out in preview of Dr. Brogdon’s full interview with Jordan on his blog, set to come out this summer. Jordan says of Dr. Brogdon,

“Dr. Brogdon insists that we need to work on re-interpreting the gospels. If we understand the political and social context of that day (under the Roman Empire), we will need to re-read the gospels through the lens of systemic oppression and privilege.”

To read the blog post in full, click here.