Bob Browning Makes Hope Visible

Bob Browning Makes Hope Visible

First Baptist Church of Frankfort, Kentucky celebrated the ministry of Bob and Jackie Browning on Sunday, June 24, 2018.  Known for his large smile and eager, positive spirit, Browning preached of memories across his ministry, offered words of blessing for the church, and encouraged the congregation to continue “making hope visible” through their relationships and ministries.


Bob blessing the congregation on his final Sunday at FBC, Frankfort, KY.

Bob currently serves as secretary of the Board of Trustees at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. BSK President David Cassady described Bob’s many contributions to BSK, “Bob Browning has touched many lives across his rich career in ministry. He has also nurtured and encouraged multiple persons in their early years of ministry. His kind, generous, and hopeful spirit have been a blessing through his service on BSK’s Board of Trustees. I look forward to reading more of Bob’s ideas as his ministry of writing grows in the years ahead!”


Bob’s retirement follows many fruitful years of ministry. Born and raised in Kentucky, Bob received his Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before and during seminary, Bob pastored Hazel Creek Baptist Church in Belton, Kentucky and North Fork Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. Later, he pastored Rich Pond Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, First Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky and Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Bob’s final pastorate was at First Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, where he retired from this month.


As Bob enters retirement, he plans to focus on family and his growing ministry through writing. Click here to read Bob’s latest article, entitled, “Why Many Americans Can’t Handle ‘Too Much Jesus.'”