A wise Christian scholar once asserted “the glory of God is a person fully alive….” (Irenaeus b. 125 – d. 202). Coming alive, fully alive, is the aspiration of all of us created in the image of God and transformed by our encounter with the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be alive physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally, vocationally–in every way possible. Life together at BSK is oriented toward this kind of liveliness: friendship, community, worship, service, and exploration, with tears and laughter, amid singing and silence. We invite you to join our experiment in lively living!

Curiosity is at the core of all knowing: to be curious about books and ideas, cultures and civilizations, traditions and practices, and especially about people, our stories, our ambitions, our searching for what is true and faithful and of good report. We take this curiosity into every class room; it undergirds every affirmation and all questions; it opens the door to discovery and delight; it awakens us to so much more than we ever dreamed; it shapes us to be like Christ himself. We welcome you to our cohort of gospel curiosity!

The journey is not everything because our destiny is the heavens and the earth renewed for the glory of God and common good. But the journey is where we are today and tomorrow, seeking to be faithful to the One who has called us to follow Jesus, seeking to be joyful in a world that is too often dark and silent, seeking to be helpful among all who travel along the way. Who knows what highway or byway will rise up before us today and open up for us opportunities for witness, for service, for delight, for personal transformation, for gospel work?  We receive all in the name of the Spirit that surrounds us with possibility and sustains us with hope. Come, be with us as we travel this gospel road.