The Life and Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you ever wanted to study the life and teachings of a Baptist minister whose work in Civil and Human Rights changed the world?

Have you ever wanted to read and watch other speeches given by Dr. King?

Are you concerned of the ways King’s life, teachings, and legacy are used by contemporary political and religious leaders?

Are you a local pastor or church leader and want to take an evening course at a seminary?

If so, this is the experience for you.

Course Description

This course explores the theology of Martin Luther King, Jr., establishing King as a major Christian theologian, not just a Civil Rights leader. Gain a historical overview of slavery and segregation in America and their intersection with King’s work in the Civil Rights Movement. Special attention will be given to influences on his thought such as the prophetic tradition in Scripture, the Protestant Liberal tradition and the African American Baptist tradition and his legacy today.

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Dr. Lewis Brogdon

Dr. Lewis Brogdon is Associate Professor of Preaching and Black Church Studies at BSK, and the Director of the Institute for Black Church Studies. He brings over twenty-six years of ministry and twelve years in higher education experience at institutions such as Simmons College of Kentucky, Bluefield College, Claflin University, and Louisville Seminary. He has published books on topics such as slavery in the Bible, nihilism in Black America, black preaching, and the prosperity movement and taught many courses in the field of African American Religion. Brogdon works with many nationally recognized African American religious leaders and educators and is qualified to teach this exciting new course.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of America’s great religious leaders and my favorite theologian. The thing I respect most about King is that he did more than write about theology. He lived it. King had a theological vision that undergirded his work, not in the classroom or in academic meetings, but work in the streets, in jails, churches, in front of TV cameras, and in rooms where meetings were held that resulted in new laws and policies. King showed the world, and its churches, that theology can undergird a social movement that changes the world. As I study his life, I often find myself asking, “What would it mean for seminaries to produce leaders who learn to use theology to take up work that changes the world?” I study and teach on King to answer this challenging question and hope you will join me for this exciting journey.”

Dr. Lewis Brogdon