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Congregation Based Theological Education

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Multiple Ways to Learn

From non-credit Flourish Center workshops, to foused short-term certificate programs, to an ATS-accredited Master of Divinity degree, BSK offers multiple ways to benefit from theological education. Whether you are a laity leader, a part-time minister, or someone pursuing a call to full time ministry or chaplaincy, BSK offers a path. Click to learn more.

Learn Where You Serve

Pursue theological education from where you live and serve. BSK has a unique approach to in-place learning, taking the context of where students are serving into account, helping students with networking for resources and relationships that can support their ministries now and in the future, and striving to approach courses so that relationships between professor and students, and students with one another, are nurtured. Click to learn more.

Institute for Black Church Studies

Funded by a generous Baugh Foundation grant, the Institute promotes an understanding of the theology, history and perspectives of the Black church tradition. The Institute also assists predominantly White churches in racial education and community advocacy. Click to learn more.

About this research

Congregational Leaders:  When you look at the state of faith in America today, where do you think we will be in 20 years? How can we get ready for that? What challenges do we need to overcome in order to be the people God calls us to be in the coming years? The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky invites to help us consider these questions as look toward the future of the Church and her leaders. Make your voice heard!

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About BSK

BSK is an ATS accredited, diverse, ecumenical seminary. From our innovative distance education program to our Flourish Center workshops and flexible certificates, BSK supports theological education for fulltime, part-time and lay ministry leaders.

BSK is best known for our work in the area of racial justice. Our new Institute for Black Church Studies will expand this work even further. Learn more about the Institure.

We also are strong proponents of women in ministry, including the pastorate. Learn more about the key focus areas of BSK.