Why BSK?


You have many options for pursuing your seminary education. So, what distinguishes BSK from the rest?

Our fundamental approach to theological education.

BSK devotes its energy to the formation of ministers rather than to the transfer of information. By cultivating the virtues, skills, habits, and pastoral imagination necessary for Christian leadership, BSK develops men and women who are spiritually healthy, theologically reflective, and practically trained for life and ministry in faithful witness to Jesus Christ in the church and in the world.


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Our curriculum and community engage the concrete habits and practices — both inside and outside of the classroom — that represent our interpretation of the faithful Christian life: praying together, confessing our faith together, eating together, learning together, studying together, reading together,discerning together, gifting one another, and hoping together.

We are a community learning to imagine together in Christ.

What else sets BSK apart?

Racial Justice

BSK offers the opportunity to study in the context of a historically black college in Louisville — Simmons College. Being in “black space” provides opportunity for learning and dialogue that enriches our approach to ministry.

Rural Ministry

In collaboration with the Berry Center (Wendell Berry founded), BSK provides a unique program for learning about rural places and culture. Discover the joy of a lifetime of ministry in rural places.

Pastoral Care & Counseling

Our concentration in pastoral care and counseling is highly respected across Kentucky. Study with Dr. Wade Rowatt and others. This emphasis enables students to take strong steps toward licensure or certification.

BSK is cooperative.

We are Baptist by tradition but ecumenical in outlook. We value our close ties to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Simmons College of Kentucky (HBCU) and the Berry Center (rural minsitry).

BSK is contextual.

Theological education happens best in the context of ministry. From our scheduling to our contextual ministry program, to the way course content is connected to  ministry experiences, BSK supports a balance of practice and formation and reflection.

BSK is focused.

We emphasize spiritual formation, theological reflection, and the practical training of ministers.

BSK is young.

This gives us a sense of personal investment and offers an institutional flexibility that is distinct among theological schools. There are unique opportunities for student, faculty, and community input in refining BSK’s identity as we continue to grow.

BSK is affordable.

Our tuition is very reasonable, and we charge no additional student fees. In a recent survey of graduates over 80% accumulated no seminary debt.

BSK is intimate.

Our small student body allows our community to retain its intimacy and ensures that students received focused faculty attention. Community is a vital aspect of our approach to theological education.

BSK graduates are in demand.

Five out of every seven graduates from BSK are currently employed in some type of vocational ministry. Staff and faculty work diligently to connect BSK students with the regional network of individuals, churches, and agencies that support the seminary so that students find placements after they graduate.

BSK is accessible.

We offer block scheduling, which gives students the option of coming to class one day a week (typically Mondays), and evening classes. This provides working ministers with a viable option for attending seminary. Classes are offered in both Georgetown and Louisville. The ability to both be in ministry and seminary simultaneously adds a richness to the BSK experience.

The best way to see the BSK difference up close is by visiting the beautiful campus that we share with Georgetown College in Georgetown and with Simmons College in Louisville. You’ll be able to attend a class, participate in chapel, share a meal, and get to know current students and faculty. Contact Abby Sizemore Director of Admissions, to schedule your visit today!

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