Choosing to go to seminary can be a life-changing decision. For many students, beginning seminary is a sacred act in response to a divine call. God has spoken and invited you into ministry. The angst involved in choosing a seminary is not about whether you should take that leap of faith, but where your feet will land when you do. Seminary is an act of faith, and you expect the footing to be sound.

For some, God’s call is clear and contains distinct edges that facilitate a firm grasp. The only perceived need is to follow the call. For others, the deep longing to serve is clear but the context is not. You want to step out in love and be faithful; but you are unsure of what shape your faith and love should assume. Your hope is that by combining your own prayerful efforts with that of a seminary community you will be able to discern the mysteries of faith, or at least the mystery of your own vocational path.

Some come to seminary out of a desire to learn. Maybe you are a pastor who never made it to seminary in the first place, and now you are wondering what you missed. Perhaps you have recognized weaknesses in certain areas of your ministry that you hope seminary might strengthen and gifts that you long to share with fellow learners. Then again, you could be a church member who has been actively involved in your congregation and who wants to dive more deeply into the faith. Or you might even be a retiree embarking on a second career with your eye fixed on ministry.

At Baptist Seminary of Kentucky we are mindful of the variety of expectations that students bring with them to the seminary doors. We do not claim to be perfect, or even to be all things to all people. However, we strive to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us as we carry out our mission to prepare men and women sensing God’s call upon their lives to be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ. For this reason, we offer theological education that emphasizes formation — spiritual, moral, intellectual, and ministerial — above and beyond the mere transfer of information. Our particular stewardship includes a willingness to work with all types of people — the sure and the hesitant, the scholarly and the non-academic, the young and the old, the experienced and the novice — as we discern and embody our shared call to Christian ministry in the church and in the world. Whatever your context and expectations are, we invite you to join us at BSK as we learn to live and imagine the life of faith in Christ together.


Please feel free to contact Jarrod Lopez, Director of Admissions, by phone at 502-863-8301 or by email for more information or with any questions about admissions at BSK.