“The charismatic story is part of the Baptist story, historian contends” BSK’s Hinson Lectures highlighted by Baptist News Global

Dr. Doug Weaver is Director of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Baptist Studies at Baylor University.

Pat Cole, BSK’s Director of Advancement, wrote an article describing BSK’s Hinson Lectures that took place on Monday, March 1, featuring Dr. Doug Weaver. The Lectures, held virtually for the first time this year, centered on Baptist history as it relates to pentecostalism. Cole describes Weaver’s lectures below,

“Among both traditional Baptists and those who practice a more charismatic version of the faith, there has been a yearning for ‘a direct experience with God the Spirit,’ Weaver said. ‘Of course, most Baptists had trouble with the explicit, intense Spirit-led experience found among their more radical Spirit-baptized colleagues.’

Baptist history, Weaver emphasized, has had a focus on the “interplay” of experience, the Holy Spirit and Scripture. In Baptist debates about spiritual gifts, these elements were ‘woven into every aspect of these disputes, no matter the side of the dispute you were in.'”

To read this article in full, click here. Recordings of these lectures will be made available on Monday, March 8 at bsk.edu.