Special BSK Flourish Workshop Series: America in Crisis

What is going on right now? Where do we go from here? The United States is in a moment of chaos. Communities are divided along racial lines, and there is disagreement and division everywhere. Protests against racially targeted arrests and killings, biased and brutal policing, and racist public policy are rapidly increasing across the nation. Many are feeling anger, sadness, grief, and confusion. How do we make sense of this moment? What must we do, if anything can be done, for change and transformation? Is there hope for justice and peace?

“America in Crisis” is a six session workshop focusing on confronting what’s happening, understanding what’s brought us to this moment, leading through possible paths forward, and offering resources for response. This series offers weekly one-hour live Zoom meetings with faculty and guest instructors, preceded by pre-recorded videos.

The series is hosted by the Rev. Dr. Lewis Brogdon and the Rev. Dr. Laura R. Levens.

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