Speaking of BSK…

Comments about BSK from students and alumni





Ben Burton, student

All of my relationships through BSK are valuable! BSK’s small size means I have interacted with just about every student and professor at least once. While we are small, we are diverse. I have laughed and cried, prayed, and passionately discussed topics with students and faculty who provide another perspective. I take these moments with me back to Louisville and into my work and church where they inform how I engage people and ministry.

Laura Edgar, alumni

At BSK I met fellow students who have become dear friends. We encouraged each other during difficult days of studying and assignments. Now we collaborate in our roles in ministry and continue to support and encourage one another. During my time at BSK I also met professors who taught me, cared about me, and challenged me through every class I took. Since graduation those professors continue to care about my life and ministry, to serve as mentors and friends. They are quick to help when I have questions or need to talk, and I continue to draw from both the content of their teaching and the example they set.

Darrell Pittman, student

My favorite thing about BSK, is that they are not about promoting a specific agenda, ideology, theology, or anything that would stand in the way of individuality. There can be no denying its Baptist heritage, but it is not just a school for Baptists. The faculty works hard to help students cultivate their own views and theology while simply giving them the tools to do so. If you are looking for a seminary that just reinforces what you learned in Sunday School class, then this is not for you (why would you need to go to seminary for that?). But if you want to be stretched, challenged, and at times even broken, you can find that here.