“Selective Samaritan bill’ would wrongfully let Kentucky doctors deny care” BSK student writes for Courier Journal

Jordan has been a student at BSK since 2018.

BSK student, Jordan Conley, has written an opinion piece for the Courier Journal criticizing Senate Bill 83. To read the article in full, click here.

“If Senate Bill 83 were applied to this story, then the folks who passed by the man on the road would have been justified. Maybe they didn’t like the looks of the beaten man. Maybe he was a different race. Maybe he was a different religion. Who knows what reasons they had to pass him by, but pass by they did. Senate Bill 83 rewards passing by folks in need. It justifies discrimination and will undoubtedly keep our neighbors who are Black, who are addicts, who are immigrants, who are LGBTQ+, or who are poor, from seeking the medical care that they need.”