Dr. Dalen Jackson on Scripture and Spice

Dr. Dalen Jackson on Scripture and Spice

Dr. Jackson was BSK’s first full-time faculty member in 2002.

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky alumnus Micah Spicer started a podcast entitled, “Scripture and Spice” early this year. Micah has produced several episodes of his podcast where he is joined by a variety of guests, often including some of his BSK professors and classmates.

On one previous episode, Micah was joined by Dr. Chuck Bugg who has been an adjunct professor at BSK and has served as a mentor to many BSK students. On another recent episode, Micah was joined by Rev. Laura Edgar, BSK class of 2015, to discuss joined Micah to discuss the post-Easter appearances of Jesus in John’s Gospel.

Most recently, Dr. Dalen Jackson, BSK’s Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, joined Micah for a discussion on Israel’s Second Temple, Jesus in his context, and the economics of the Roman Empire.

To learn more and to listen to Micah’s podcast, click here.