Save the Date! BSK Sunday 2020

BSK student Jordan Conley preached at Central Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

For the last three years, the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky community has celebrated BSK Sunday. On BSK Sunday, churches around Kentucky, and even in other states, celebrate BSK in their Sunday morning services and programs. Last year, over thirty churches had BSK students, alumni, faculty, staff, and board members preaching and leading in worship! In addition to BSK community members preaching or leading in worship, congregations also had BSK materials available for worship participants, showed videos, or had BSK folks teaching Sunday school or leading other programs around the church.

We’d love for there to be even more churches participating this year! BSK Sunday 2020 will be on April 26. If your church’s schedule doesn’t line up with the specified date of April 26, no problem! We are happy to provide resources for your congregation to celebrate BSK Sunday on any given Sunday that works for your calendar. If you or your congregation would like to participate in BSK Sunday, contact Abby Sizemore, Director of Admissions, at or 502-863-8301.