Racial Justice

BSK is commited to working toward racial justice.



BSK’s presence on the campus of Simmons College of Kentucky is a central part of our work toward racial justice. Students can earn a full M.Div. in the context of an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) as well as benefit from the vibrant community of West Louisville.

Simmons President Dr. Kevin Cosby welcomed BSK to campus in 2017, “In most instances, racial integration has always been a unilateral process where blacks move into white space. BSK has reversed this model and decided to move into black space. This is a reversal of the white flight of former generations. This is perhaps the first time in history that an accredited seminary has moved onto the campus of an HBCU. And we say, ‘Welcome BSK.’”

In 2020, BSK became the official seminary of the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. Serving with this 7 million member denomination brings resources and significant networking opportunities for our students.

BSK is part of a community committed to the support and growth of the black church and racial justice for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). In 2019 the Kevin and Barnetta Cosby Seminary Scholarship for ADOS was established, offering full tuition to 10 ADOS students per year. Half of our student body is black, providing space for real listening and growth in race relations among churches.

Beginning in fall 2020, the M.Div. curriculum requires a course in Black Church Studies and Womanist Theology, and all courses have been revisioned to ensure inclusion of the Black Church tradition and voices.