Praying Together

Praying Together

What I’ve Learned From Ten Years of Praying Together with BSK Students

By John Inscore Essick


Praying together is…

  1. Belief and doubt
  2. Family-friendly and family-dividing
  3. Waiting and pushing ahead
  4. Kneeling and standing
  5. Silence and shouting
  6. Weeping and laughing
  7. Asking and demanding
  8. Slow and on the run
  9. Patient and impatient
  10. Seeking promises and calling out unfulfilled promises
  11. Certain and confused
  12. Exonerating and condemning
  13. At ease and on edge
  14. Presence and absence
  15. Focused and scattered
  16. Holding and releasing
  17. Forgetting and remembering
  18. Asking and telling
  19. Clearing and muddying
  20. Filling and emptying
  21. Heaven and hell
  22. Excruciating and exhilarating
  23. Building up and tearing down
  24. Uniting and dividing
  25. Submitting and protesting
  26. More and less
  27. Retreating and advancing
  28. Ready and hesitant
  29. Defiance and acquiescence
  30. Already and not yet
  31. Control and abandon
  32. Power and weakness
  33. Abundance and scarcity

…Come pray together with us.