Medley Writes Review of Rowan Williams’ Recent Book on Christology

Dr. Medley has been a part of the BSK faculty since 2007.

Dr. Mark Medley, BSK’s Professor of Theology, has recently written a review of Rowan Williams’ book, Christ the Heart of Creation, for Front Porch Republic. Dr. Medley writes,

“The book’s basic argument is that Jesus Christ is the key to understanding Christian conviction and speech about the relationship between God and creation. Williams says that the eternal Word made flesh in Jesus was not a suspension or displacement of, nor an intervention in, the process of the finite world. Rather, the Incarnation is the claim that a particular, finite agency (Jesus) was the historical and bodily location of infinite self-gift and unlimited divine love. God’s redemption of the world in Jesus Christ, therefore, cannot be described as just another episode in history.”

To read the full review, click here.