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BSK’s Louisville, Kentucky offices and classrooms are offered on the campus of the historic Simmons College, an HBCU (Historically Black College or University).


Simmons College provides a urban setting in which to pursue theological education. Simmons College has been central in efforts to grow opportunities and improve life for the vibrant community in West Louisville. Working with city and civic leaders, as well as the ministerial alliance known as “Empower West,” Simmons College offers a energizing setting in which to study and do ministry.

Our Louisville site includes offices and classrooms in the historic Steward Hall on 7th Street.  BSK students enjoy library, recreation and other cultural opportunities as part of our presence at Simmons College.

Louisville, Kentucky is a metropolitan area offering major medical, educational and shopping areas, as well as a vibrant culture around and sports and the arts. Both Lexington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio can be reached in about an hour by car, providing two additional nearby major metropolitan areas and airports.


There are many reasons to pursue a degree at our Louisville site:

  • proximity to work opportunities in the Louisville metropolitan area and nearby communities.
  • the ability to study in a diverse setting, on the campus of an Historically Black College or University.
  • the ability for a spouse to also pursue educational study at the nearby University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, or Spalding University, among others.
  • CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) opportunities with the VA Hospital, Baptist Hospital, Norton Children’s, the University of Louisville Medical Center, and the St. Matthews Counseling Program.


Pursue the M. Div. (Master of Divinity) degree at our Louisville site, enjoying:

  • Access to the library at Simmons College
  • Access to Presbyterian Theological Seminary Library
  • Full access to the physical library at Georgetown College
  • Full access to key online research databases
  • Access to the library at the University of Louisville (KY Driver’s License)
  • Access to classes and opportunities at both our Georgetown and Louisville sites

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