New Post in “Call Her Pastor” Series

New Post in “Call Her Pastor” Series

Lauren has been at FBC Morehead since 2016.

Rev. Lauren McDuffie, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Morehead, KY, and Dr. Laura Levens, BSK’s Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, are writing a blog series on the Baptist Women in Ministry website entitled, “Call Her Pastor.” This blog series is meant to equip and empower churches to support women in ministry.

Dr. Levens wrote the first post, entitled, “Call Her Pastor: Supporting Women in Ministerial Leadership: “I Don’t Know What to Do with You.” To read this post, click HERE. The next post, written by Rev. Lauren McDuffie, is entitled, “Call Her Pastor: Why Are We Still Talking About This?” Rev. McDuffie writes,

“If nearly half of recent seminary graduates are women, but significantly less than half of moderate and progressive Baptist churches are pastored by women, where are those recent female graduates going to serve? Girls in our church pews are growing into women following the call to ministry, but where is that call leading?”

To read the rest of this post, click HERE.