Journey for Justice

Empowering Women Leading the Church
November 5-6, 2017





How are women faring in the leadership of the church?

In moderate Baptist life they still only lead between six and seven percent of the churches from the pulpit. The stained glass ceiling is cracked, but definitely remains in place. This Journey for Justice event is designed to explore many aspects of justice regarding women’s leadership in churches and other ministries. Among Cooperative Baptists of Kentucky women’s leadership is assumed, yet it remains a limited pathway. What would help turn the tide and change the culture? Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed will preach, teach and facilitate conversations in these two days to raise more questions and offer theological, sociological and practical insights about the problems and potential solutions. Most importantly each gathering will explore strategies and plans for making the journey for justice one of empowerment for women leading the church.

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed is an ordained minister, practical theologian, and co-director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, a national, ecumenical, and longitudinal study of ministry in the U.S. (2009-present). Her book Anatomy of a Schism: How Clergywomen’s Narratives Reinterpret the Fracturing of the Southern Baptist Convention (2016) brings together qualitative research, history, theology, psychology, and gender analysis to demonstrate the stakes of a religious split in America’s largest protestant denomination. Eileen is associate professor of practical theology and coordinator of mentoring, coaching and internships for Central Baptist Theological Seminary’s Tennessee campus. She blogs at Keeper of the Fire.


Sunday, November 5

All Sunday events held at Central Baptist Church, Lexington, KY.

11am,  All Saints Sunday
Sermon Title: “Turning the Tides”
Psalm: Psalm 34:1-10, 22
New Testament: Matthew 5:1-12

5pm, Evening Conversation
Empowering Women in Church Leadership
Title: “Advocacy Beyond Words”

Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church

Monday, November 6

9:30am-11:30am,  Morning Breakfast and Conversation
Arnett Room, Georgetown College Library
(For CBFKY women in leadership and female BSK seminary students)

Title: “Watch for Falling Stained Glass!”
So you are part of the generation of women who are breaking the stained glass ceiling? Then you know, once it cracks the glass starts falling! Let’s think of the shards as symbols for all the challenges that come raining down when we settle into the work of ministry. Join us for fellowship, food and deeper conversation.

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Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

BSK at Georgetown College

1-4:00pm, Presentation to BSK class “Missional Life of the Church 1”
Arnett Room, Georgetown College Library
(Open to other students/classes)

Title: “Women in Ministry in America”
Many things about the church are new in the last 50 years with regard to women’s leadership. What has changed? What does the change mean? Where is the resistance and even backlash? How can we interpret the changes theologically? What do they mean for the doctrines and practices of the church (ecclesiology)? 

4:30pm: BSK Chapel
Georgetown Baptist Church Sanctuary

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed
Sermon Title: “The Servanthood Dilemma”
New Testament: Matthew 23:1-12
Hebrew Bible: Micah 3:5-12
Psalm: Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37

5:00-6pm: Dinner and conversation with Eileen
Georgetown Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

Topic: “Empowering Women for the Transition into Ministry”