Journey for Justice – November 5-6

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed

BSK will be hosting an event called Journey for Justice on November 5-6, which seeks to empower women leading the church. How are women faring in the leadership of the church? In moderate Baptist life they still only lead between six and seven percent of the churches from the pulpit. The stained glass ceiling is cracked, but definitely remains in place. This Journey for Justice event is designed to explore many aspects of justice regarding women’s leadership in churches and other ministries. Among Cooperative Baptists of Kentucky women’s leadership is assumed, yet it remains a limited pathway. What would help turn the tide and change the culture? Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed will preach, teach and facilitate conversations in these two days to raise more questions and offer theological, sociological and practical insights about the problems and potential solutions. Most importantly each gathering will explore strategies and plans for making the journey for justice one of empowerment for women leading the church.

To learn more about Journey for Justice and how to register, click here.