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Mobilization Catalyst

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Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) is seeking Mobilization Catalysts.  Mobilization Catalysts seek to help believers move “from the pew to the harvest.”  They are essential workers to increasing disciple-makers engaging their communities.  Global City Mission would like to add one or more Mobilization Catalysts in MidWestern cities — including (but not limited to) the Columbus, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, or Cincinnati areas.  

The vision of Global City Mission is to foster disciple-making initiatives in strategic global cities around the world, starting in North America. If this 2-minute intro video resonates with you, let’s talk:

In order to effectively advance disciple-making in urban settings, we focus on these three areas of ministry:

Evangelism & church planting in global cities
Coaching local believers to reach their communities
Providing equipping & training for established churches

In GCMI, mobilization involves a robust & multi-layered strategy to advance disciple-making. Mobilization includes recruiting new full-time missionaries, activating (non-clergy) believers to become disciple-makers in their communities, and connecting GCMI to churches for evangelism training. Mobilizers are essentially those agents serving to activate believers into the harvest as disciple-makers.

Mobilization Catalysts may serve in either part-time or full-time roles within the GCMI team. More details here:

Personal partner-raising (ie., support raising) is required for salary & work-fund/expenses.

If you have a heart for seeing believers get activated to participate in God’s mission, let’s begin with an exploratory conversation.  Reach us at: 

To apply for this job email your details to