BSK Georgetown

BSK’s Georgetown, Kentucky offices and classrooms are in the Ensor Learning Resource Center of beautiful Georgetown College.


Georgetown College provides a picturesque setting for learning, allowing BSK students to enjoy the extensive library, museum and recreational services available on campus. The historic town of Georgetown is the home of Toyota’s largest plant in the USA, great restaurants and beautiful scenery. Much of Kentucky is rural, and Georgetown’s location and culture make it convenient to participate in ministry or work in nearby rural communities.

Georgetown is only minutes from Lexington, which offers major medical, educational and shopping areas, as well as a vibrant culture around sports and the arts. Both Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio can be reached within an hour by car, providing two additional nearby major metropolitan areas and airports.


There are many reasons to pursue a degree at our Georgetown site:

  • proximity to work opportunities in Georgetown, Lexington and Frankfort, as well as nearby rural communities.
  • the ability for a spouse to also pursue educational study at the nearby University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, among others.
  • CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) opportunities with UK Medical Center, Veteran’s Hospital or St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lexington.


Pursue the M. Div. (Master of Divinity) degree at our Georgetown site, enjoying:

  • Full access to the physical library at Georgetown College
  • Full access to key online research databases
  • Lexington Theological Seminary Library
  • Asbury Theological Seminary Library
  • Access to the library at the University of Kentucky (KY Driver’s License)
  • Access to classes and opportunities at both our Georgetown and Louisville sites

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