Flourish: Center for Congregational Imagination

Many churches struggle with relevancy and direction in a world that is rapidly changing, yet some are flourishing.

What leadership traits and habits help leaders best lead a church to flourish? The Flourish Center will allow students and faculty to engage and to gather narratives from leaders in vibrant churches. We will share our discoveries of their characteristics, dynamics, and best practices through a program designed to support and enrich ministry leadership, via mentoring, special events, online ministry certifications, coursework, a supporting website, podcasts and publication.

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Why is the Flourish Center needed?

Local churches are facing a time of accelerated change, including dynamics affecting culture, economy, technology and the ways people gather and communicate. While some churches are flourishing, others are searching for a way forward. The Flourish Center will use research to discover dynamics, values and processes among vibrant congregations so those may be shared with other churches. Our launch goal is met! Give today to support the continuing work of the Flourish Center.

Why BSK?

Context matters in ministry. The needs, assets and opportunities found in one community may be quite different than those of another. BSK has a tradition of helping ministers learn how to understand a given community so they can be effective the leaders. We also bring a deep commitment to the health of congregations and see the support of the church as central to our calling.

How will the Flourish Center help churches?

By studying vibrant, flourishing congregations, the Flourish Center will help name and clarify the dynamics, values and processes that characterize these churches and their leadership. As this research is gathered, it will be analyzed to identify common themes and processes of vibrant churches, with a goal of sharing that insight with other churches searching to discover a path to vibrancy. The Flourish Center will share discoveries through a blog, podcast and ultimately events and publications.

How will the Flourish Center help students?

Students can play a key role in the research of the Flourish Center. By studying and interacting with vibrant congregations and their leaders, students will gain valuable experience that will enrich their ministries in the years ahead. Mentoring and internship opportunities will allow students to spend significant time serving and learning within flourishing congregations.

How can I help?

Funding for the Flourish Center will come from three main areas: ¬†donations, grants and fees. Our launch phase is heavily dependent on gifts from individuals and churches, allowing the center to begin work. Grants will allow for significant increases in the scope and pace of the work of the center. Fees from event registrations and publication sales will help sustain the center’s work. ¬†Use the form below to give online, or call BSK at 502-863-8300 to give by phone or to discuss a larger donation. Donors giving $10,000 or more will be listed on the Flourish center website as “Founding Supporters”.

What happens when the Flourish Center launches?

The initial work of the Flourish Center will center around research, including determining our methodology and enlisting congregations to participate in the study. As we learn, we will share our work via a website and podcast. We also look forward to hosting an annual event to highlight the stories we discover and introduce you to flourishing congregations. As our knowledge and practice deepens, we will publish resources to more fully share the insights arising from our research and help local congregations apply them.

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