Financial Resources


BSK provides scholarship assistance and/or financial aid to many of our students enrolled in 5-6 hours or more. The following information outlines tuition costs and scholarships available to help cover those costs. There are no additional student fees. Because of our reasonable tuition costs, strong scholarship resources, and work-friendly block scheduling, 80% of students graduate with no student debt.

2016-2017 Academic Year Tuition

$375 per semester hour
$150 per audit hour


A number of endowed and non-endowed scholarships have been established by individuals and churches for the benefit of Baptist Seminary of Kentucky students. We also encourage students to consider external sources of funding in addition to what BSK offers. Below are a list of  a few available scholarships. A larger list of such sources can be requested from the Admissions Office.
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Scholar’s Award

Awards full tuition per semester for four years to up to 2 incoming students.

Requirements: undergraduate 3.7 GPA, full-time enrollment, must maintain a 3.5 seminary GPA

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky President’s Award

Awards half tuition per semester for four years to up to 2 incoming students.

Requirements: undergraduate 3.0 GPA, full-time enrollment, must maintain a 3.0 seminary GPA

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Leadership Scholarship

Awards a $4,000 scholarship per year and CBF General Assembly costs to 3 full-time students.

Requirements: for students going into CBF church or mission work.

Fall application deadline: May 31

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Scholarship

Awards a $1,000 scholarship per year to 1 full-time student

Requirements: for students going into church related work or who have served as a KBF Missions Intern

Fall application deadline: March

Financial Policies

  • Students seeking financial aid must complete and sign the Financial Aid application to be considered for financial assistance.
  • Because the primary responsibility of the Seminary is to provide an appropriate educational and formation experience for those students preparing for ministry, financial assistance is generally limited to those students seeking degrees. When possible, financial aid may be made available to non-degree seeking students.
  • Financial assistance is available for no more than the number of hours in the degree program. Tuition for courses repeated or taken over the required number of hours is the responsibility of the student. Courses from which a student withdraws are counted toward the number of hours of financial aid. Therefore, withdrawal from a course results in the student having to pay tuition for the hours that will eventually be taken to complete the requirements.
  • Financial assistance is not available to students on probation.
  • Students are expected to meet tuition obligations when they are due. Communication with the Seminary office is essential if there is a problem in paying bills.
  • Students will not be allowed to begin their next term of study, have transcripts or other information released, or graduate when money is owed to the Seminary and no payment plan is in place.