Medley Published in NABPR Journal

Dr. Medley has been at BSK since 2007.

Dr. Mark Medley, BSK’s Professor of Theology, has recently had a journal article published for Perspectives in Religious Studies, the journal of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion (NABPR). The article, “Capacitated for Living Baptismally:  Martyrial Living, Liturgical Asceticism, and Quotidian Existence,” appears in Perspectives in Religious Studies 46/1 (2019): 39-54. The abstract for this article is below.

This paper argues that the rite of baptism capacitates Christians to live baptismally.  It also contends that living baptismally should be interpreted in a martyrial key.  In order to substantiate creative patterns between baptism and martyrdom for thinking about Christian life, the paper first turns to Rowan Williams’ understanding of baptism, martyrdom, and quotidian existence.  To explore further these connections the paper engages David Fagerberg’s concept of liturgical asceticism.  The paper’s final section considers how the ascetical practice of prosoche may be liturgically cultivated to capacitate Christians to live baptismally.