Dr. John Inscore Essick Publishes Editorial on Supporting Rural Ministry in the Future

Dr John Inscore Essick, Director of BSK’s Rural Ministry Program, has published an editorial outlining what it will take to support rural ministry in the future. The editorial, entitled “A word about . . . Sustaining rural ministry for the future,” was published in the journal Review & Expositor. A preview of the article is below:

“Countless seminary students and ministers have learned much from their time leading rural churches. Many ministers have put down roots in rural communities and enjoyed long tenure; yet too often rural churches have been a “way stop” for seminary students and young ministers. How might we begin to see rural congregations as more than simply “first call” or training churches? We begin by acknowledging in the classroom, in the financial aid process, and at the denominational level that rural churches are viable places for life and ministry.”

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