Since 2002, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky’s purpose has been preparing men and women sensing God’s leadership for life and ministry in faithful witness to Jesus Christ in the church and the world. Whereas traditional seminaries focus primarily on the transfer of specialized knowledge and skills deemed essential for the traditional pastoral role, BSK’s approach stresses the importance of imagination for Christian ministry. We believe that those ministers who can improvise  from imaginations grounded in Scripture and Christian tradition, formed by the Spirit in community life, and trained through concrete habits and practices of ministerial leadership will be better equipped to serve Christ’s body in our increasingly fluid, pluralistic, and polarized world.

Thus, at BSK, students, faculty, staff, and members of our wider ecclesial community nurture personal faith:

  • with gratitude for our Baptist history and heritage and an active commitment to a global and ecumenical vision of the Church;
  • through honest intellectual engagement that reflects scholarly discipline, humility, and a tolerance for ambiguity and diversity in thought;
  • by encouraging one another in the discernment of spiritual gifts and the developement of pastoral imgaination and skills; and
  • by cultivating virtuous lives rooted in Christian habits and practices, such as reading together, eating together, praying together, gifting one another, learning together, confessing together, discerning together, serving together, and hoping together.

As a result, graduates from BSK’s Master of Divinity program (with an optional concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling) are spiritually healthy, theologically reflective, and practically trained to enter into a variety of ministerial roles when they leave BSK.

We invite you to consider Baptist Seminary of Kentucky as you determine how best to respond to God’s call on your life. Male or female, young or old, we have space for you here to explore how you might love God and neighbor with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Come, imagine together with us!

Call the BSK admissions office at (502) 863-8301 or email for more information about joining the BSK community.

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