“Call Her Pastor” Blog Series Continues

Dr. Laura Levens, BSK’s Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, and Rev. Lauren McDuffie, Associate Pastor at FBC Morehead, have been writing a series for Baptist Women in Ministry’s blog. The series is entitled, “Call Her Pastor” and, in it, Dr. Levens and Rev. McDuffie explore the issues facing women in ministry. They have also provided possibilities for supporting women in ministry within a congregation. The most recent post in the series, written by Dr. Levens, is entitled, “Call Her Pastor: Social Empowerment is a Must.” Dr. Levens writes,

Dr. Levens has been Assistant Professor of Christian Mission at BSK since 2014.

“Social empowerment respects women’s authority, trusts their decisions, and appreciates the change they bring to the congregation. Women in ministry cannot be the only voices. We need to trust you, and we need you to speak up for us, for other women—for all of us. We need everyone to be feminists.”

To read Dr. Levens’ post in full, click HERE.