BSK thanks student Janine Williams

Janine has been a student at BSK since the Fall of 2018.

BSK student Janine Williams recently served as Interim Director of Admissions while Abby Sizemore was on maternity leave. When planning for Abby’s maternity leave, President David Cassady and Abby both agreed on the ideal choice for this interim position in Janine. Dr. Cassady says, “Janine’s enthusiasm for the formation that is offered at BSK is contagious, making part of her ministry the encouragement of those whom God is calling.”


In this position, Janine worked with incoming and prospective students as they completed their applications. She also welcomed new students to BSK and helped the faculty and staff get to know them! “Janine’s ability to make anyone and everyone feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed is unique…and is exactly why she was the perfect person for this role,” says Abby Sizemore.


BSK wants to thank Janine for all of her hard work and for always being such a wonderful ambassador for the Seminary!